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Jeffree Star is at it again! With his new Cremated Eyeshadow Palette, a lot of people have had a lot of opinions. This all-grey eyeshadow palette definitely is the talk of the town, and today I’m taking it for a ride! What do I think of the drama + is the quality any good? LET’S FIND OUT TOGETHER!!! Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE!
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  1. NikkieTutorials

    NikkieTutorials9 hari yang lalu


  2. Scarlett Hardy

    Scarlett Hardy8 hari yang lalu

    eunice santos it was delayed because of lockdown in Cali and wear houses being closed, please follow up on things before you stop supporting someone lol!

  3. Scarlett Hardy

    Scarlett Hardy8 hari yang lalu

    stan lana del rey he also mentioned that the launch go delayed.

  4. Madmax 1.4

    Madmax 1.48 hari yang lalu

    Cant wait!!!

  5. Scarlett Hardy

    Scarlett Hardy8 hari yang lalu

    stan lana del rey it wouldn’t have mattered people would die from COVID no matter what, people would still hate on it. And he said he didn’t want to release expired makeup cause he’s been working on this for a while, you should watch his video

  6. Scarlett Hardy

    Scarlett Hardy8 hari yang lalu

    Oodle of the Noodle I mean it is called cremated so it’s the theme.

  7. Ariel Servant

    Ariel Servant7 jam yang lalu

    Seriously we all eventually will die so no need to cause drama honey

  8. Zoe Meth

    Zoe Meth7 jam yang lalu

    Unus annus’ next makeup look

  9. Jessica Sebastião

    Jessica Sebastião7 jam yang lalu

    Wow this man can really do no wrong in you guys' eyes 🙄 he'll release a pallete called HELL on doomsday and you'll say "well he's only human" 😂

  10. Gøthīç Âçē

    Gøthīç Âçē8 jam yang lalu

    Is the timing of the palette great? No Is it meant to offend anyone? No Is it still an awesome palette? Yes The name of the palette was meant as a reference to things Jeffree and his friends say. I got mine and use it a lot. I'm a goth and use that top row of the palette. Blacks and Grey's and whites are nothing new in a palette but this is a good quality and a new take on that same old dark theme.

  11. Lapis is not funny D:

    Lapis is not funny D:8 jam yang lalu

    It’s just a name my grandpa died this year and got cremated and it’s not offensive at all

  12. Alexandrea Nolte

    Alexandrea Nolte9 jam yang lalu

    What’s with the subtle disses. “There’s fallout in the pallet”- I’ve never had a powder pallet that didn’t have a little fallout on the pallet. Also, they are just names of eyeshadows, they are not targeted towards your personal experiences. All words will do that... The shimmers are insanely pretty!!!

  13. Katie

    Katie9 jam yang lalu

    My dad passed away 3 years and 2 days ago and was cremated. This isn’t offensive find something else to cry about. Btw the shades on the pallet are just stunning 😍

  14. Hallie Benson

    Hallie Benson9 jam yang lalu

    Why couldn’t I have been born in a different time period where people didn’t get offended over literally everything. Why just why

  15. Joss D

    Joss D9 jam yang lalu

    Niki is genuinely so beautiful

  16. Claire Dellamaria

    Claire Dellamaria9 jam yang lalu

    Outside of the pandemic, is there ever a good time for death themed makeup?

  17. Ibtissem Hadjila

    Ibtissem Hadjila9 jam yang lalu

    Wow mek ep

  18. Obscura Imagery

    Obscura Imagery9 jam yang lalu

    Wow, just wow

  19. SolarFox11

    SolarFox1110 jam yang lalu

    I don’t usually watch makeup videos because I don’t usually wear makeup but your videos are so good. I love that you do a Dutch word of the day. My moms side of the family is Dutch so I really want to learn to speak Dutch one day

  20. Gary D

    Gary D10 jam yang lalu

    Jefree Starr is a satanic ghoul

  21. ReVeLuv

    ReVeLuv10 jam yang lalu

    Man I love the colors! Beautiful palette ❤️

  22. Mikayla Herring

    Mikayla Herring10 jam yang lalu

    for the record cause y’all wanna get pressed about EVERYTHING, palettes take months to create and bring to production. Yes we are going through sensitive times but Jeffree’s intention was NOT to capitalize on the pandemic like y’all are playing him out to be. In order for it to go into production, the palette would have had to have been created MONTHS ago. He worked with Bill Pulte on Twitter and was sending thousands of dollars out to people in need for food, diapers, clothes, whatever they may need. Y’all are just so quick to get upset over ANYTHING without looking at ALL PARTS. Yes people are dying. We have all lost someone close to us or someone we know at some point in our lives, we know what it’s like. I watched my grandmother take her last breaths right in front of me on Christmas Eve almost 6 years ago. And I still cry and grieve to this day, but at the same time death is a part of life and it happens. If you let yourself get so caught up, you will never get to enjoy life. If you don’t wanna buy the palette then don’t, it’s that simple. If you don’t like the palette, that’s you’re opinion but sitting there and bashing someone’s name without knowing all the facts is elementary school behavior.

  23. YongEn Plays

    YongEn Plays10 jam yang lalu

    Nikkie:types yikes in title Palete:oh hell naw

  24. Sarah Cabaluna

    Sarah Cabaluna11 jam yang lalu

    yessss! the beautiful nikkie said it, it isnt in jeffrey's intention to put it out at the time of this pandemic. it has been done before it went crazy so stop hating 🙄🙄🙄

  25. Ole Valdezzz

    Ole Valdezzz11 jam yang lalu

    My third time watching since my palette is taking forever to get here sksksks love both looks so much😩🖤

  26. Jessi Leigh

    Jessi Leigh11 jam yang lalu

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="877">14:37</a> if you look past, the THEME and the NAME, MAINLY of the eye shadows, and JUST THIS ENTIRE COLLECTION, when you focus solely on the quality and formula of this pallette, THIS IS A BANGER?? No. absolutely not, bitch, like, sthap.

  27. Kiash Kawal

    Kiash Kawal12 jam yang lalu

    I so gaged by this grijs makeup look. Love you Nikki❤️

  28. Edwin & Nicole

    Edwin & Nicole13 jam yang lalu


  29. Stalini Naufahu

    Stalini Naufahu13 jam yang lalu

    Rest in peace to all the unfortunate bodies that were cremated for this palette.

  30. ivy chen

    ivy chen13 jam yang lalu

    tho for me the issue is not with the name and the theme,but with the color range. I don't think in Jeffree's mind death should only be black and white and grey…I truly expected more. he is creative with that conspiracy palette but not this one,it's just a lil bit of lazy designing. btw I created a palette using colourpop singles that was almost 70% blood lust,way before it was out there

  31. it’sMeKay

    it’sMeKay14 jam yang lalu

    Let’s not forget there’s 50 shades of grey

  32. Jakob Peter Raahauge

    Jakob Peter Raahauge14 jam yang lalu

    Please do the "Tiny Face Make Up Challenge!" 🙏❤️🙏 Love from another of the "frugal"(stingy) 4 🇩🇰

  33. Samantha Rhodes

    Samantha Rhodes14 jam yang lalu

    Nikki, I honestly wasn't planning on buying this palette but now you make me want to! Both eye looks that you created were stunning! 🖤✨

  34. Kimi no namae wa

    Kimi no namae wa14 jam yang lalu

    Just wanted to know if Nikki can have periods or if she can get pregnant?

  35. Aliya Cozens

    Aliya Cozens15 jam yang lalu

    Waiting when it will be available in Europe. Probably my most favourite palette from JS. But I will cover his face on the palette with some sticker and crystals. Sorry Jeffree, nothing personal, just dont like extra people in my dressing room. The palette itself -MUST-HAVE! Bravo!

  36. Edge of Enlightenment

    Edge of Enlightenment15 jam yang lalu

    You are at least prettier without the makeup. But you are very masculine and the face paint does not help. I think even tho I seem mean and very dickish to the point of asshole. I’m not trying to be, I’m tryin to be to the point but something inside me is like why do the most unqualified or qualified in looking at needing it. But you would look better the way you look minimal considering the roundness of your face. I mean to tell you the truth you should look how you do to start the video anything else looks like your trying to hard

  37. Speechless Vid

    Speechless Vid16 jam yang lalu

    Now I call it, Nikki approval. 😘

  38. Angelea Tobin

    Angelea Tobin16 jam yang lalu

    People need to get over it. The name is so Jeffree. Hes dark and controversial. I personally love the name. Its what I think of when I see so much grey. Ash.

  39. Aditi Shah

    Aditi Shah16 jam yang lalu

    Is it me or she really loose some weight..cuz she looks beautiful!!

  40. China La Bella

    China La Bella17 jam yang lalu

    Now that Nikkie has shown these two looks I can say it looks nice but for me those gray shade is not my personal go too.

  41. Audrey stamm

    Audrey stamm17 jam yang lalu

    ”Obituary"- When u forget Nikki is actually native Dutch when she speaks English better than most Americans. Ik hou van jou Nikki!

  42. AvengerNut2018

    AvengerNut201818 jam yang lalu

    nikkie is such a QUEEN. YOU SLAY EVERYTHING. i love her laugh so much

  43. maria aiko

    maria aiko18 jam yang lalu


  44. Celeste Herrera

    Celeste Herrera19 jam yang lalu

    Get over the name of the palette oh gosh

  45. JustChipish

    JustChipish19 jam yang lalu


  46. Chanella Hermeslla

    Chanella Hermeslla19 jam yang lalu


  47. Becky Erosa

    Becky Erosa20 jam yang lalu

    need those lashes

  48. Cenaida Cisneros

    Cenaida Cisneros20 jam yang lalu

    Did you say nude/brown Pomerania palette!! I wish!!!

  49. Olivia Stevens

    Olivia Stevens20 jam yang lalu

    I can't get over how pretty she is aah, and I love her ear piercings.

  50. Rosemarie Collins

    Rosemarie Collins20 jam yang lalu

    That dark smokey eye is EVERYTHING

  51. Ivelisse Gonzalez

    Ivelisse Gonzalez20 jam yang lalu

    Who's hating on this video 🤣😂🤣😂🤬 have some calm down juice.

  52. Rosemarie Collins

    Rosemarie Collins20 jam yang lalu

    Life goes on and his palette was on it's way out, so ppl really need to chill .

  53. ohsnapgeorgia

    ohsnapgeorgia21 jam yang lalu

    She spends so much time slating the theme and name of the palette and then says she’s “dead” ???

  54. LA Coopa

    LA Coopa22 jam yang lalu

    Death is a part of life and none of us will escape it. It’s a stunning palette

  55. nerfthissummer

    nerfthissummer22 jam yang lalu

    quit licking y’alls wounds & move on... if you don’t like it don’t buy it or scroll past it 🥳🤚🏽

  56. Jamesd Reviloj

    Jamesd Reviloj23 jam yang lalu

    Villian (right side) and Superhero. Great job.

  57. MŸŠTĮÇÅL_aristic EDITS

    MŸŠTĮÇÅL_aristic EDITSHari Yang lalu

    I have got to say, the name cremated is fine and it’s cool. People need to chill!! I mean sure the timing isn’t great but he already planned for it before the virus. Yeah it’s kinda touchy but it’s also a beautiful thing, death can be beautiful and people need to notice that.

  58. Sara Sharhan

    Sara SharhanHari Yang lalu

    I love her honesty and explanation and her relatable energy

  59. Not Quite Scheherazade

    Not Quite ScheherazadeHari Yang lalu

    Okay, so naming conventions and themes aside, the main issue with Jeffree Star is that HE IS A NAZI. This information and the (not at all subtle or hidden) evidence is easily accessible and has been out there for a long time.

  60. Kristina Baker

    Kristina BakerHari Yang lalu

    Those colors are gorgeous 😍😍😍 i neeeds

  61. Neji Hyuuga

    Neji HyuugaHari Yang lalu

    i am LIVING for those grey tones omg!! and what u created with this palette is just amazing and stunning! so beautiful omg...

  62. Taylor Alexa

    Taylor AlexaHari Yang lalu

    We have to stay 6 ft apart so we aren’t 6 feet under 🤣

  63. April Ruiz

    April RuizHari Yang lalu

    IM FED UP WITH 2020 and I’m leaving bye

  64. it's kaylyn!

    it's kaylyn!Hari Yang lalu

    It’s a beautiful pallet!

  65. Tressym

    TressymHari Yang lalu

    Lord, I want that sequin top.

  66. The Life Of Sam

    The Life Of SamHari Yang lalu

    I love this collections, It makes me want to do more looks with darker shades 😊😊 !

  67. Whatever Is Clever

    Whatever Is CleverHari Yang lalu


  68. Ludovic PINEAU

    Ludovic PINEAUHari Yang lalu

    Bonjour Nikkie fait un maquillage sur le thème de mon pays la France 😀😇

  69. Janelle Vandersteen

    Janelle VandersteenHari Yang lalu

    Just like the drama surrounding this pallet😂

  70. CandiceeeeeeIs

    CandiceeeeeeIsHari Yang lalu

    Okay but maybe he’s channeling his life into his work and art. And he has stated he hasn’t mourned his dogs, he’s probably still a little heart broken from his ex, and he has remained transparent about his mother. Sounds like a lot of death even if it’s not all actual death. Also idea pitch next pallet a god damn pheonex... rising from the mf ashesss. Low key hope one of y’all see this for this idea lol. I’d wear it

  71. Maria Koliomihali

    Maria Koliomihali13 jam yang lalu

    She not he

  72. O B

    O BHari Yang lalu

    I got the bloodlust palette & wanted this one too but I’m 15 & can’t work rn cause of corona🙄😂 but yeah. The formula used in the bloodlust palette was amazing quality. This one appears to go on just as smoothly, if not smoother and it’s so beautiful😍

  73. Kaylee Kills

    Kaylee KillsHari Yang lalu

    if you have time to worry about the name of a palette you have must have time to rethink some decisions.

  74. Crab Gal

    Crab GalHari Yang lalu

    Cremation is a totally normal part of death. It’s actually much cheaper to opt for cremation than it is for burial. The timing is unfortunate, but honestly the palette seems tastefully morbid. Obviously that was the vibe Jefree was going for

  75. doliio volay

    doliio volayHari Yang lalu

    the people getting pressed over this palette are the same people using terms like “I’m dead” or “I’m deceased” to describe something funny. The hypocrisy is real.

  76. Sazi Mashinini

    Sazi MashininiHari Yang lalu

    What about a no foundation, concealer and powder challenge.

  77. doliio volay

    doliio volayHari Yang lalu

    I LOVE the theme. yes. death is part of life. a beautiful part. like the palette :)

  78. Cam Videtzky

    Cam VidetzkyHari Yang lalu

    Love the video! Super Professional!

  79. Albireo Cygni

    Albireo CygniHari Yang lalu

    Very interesting palette, the result of the make up is special, the colours are sparkle in a dark way, and the quality of Jeffree Star's products is high!

  80. Corgi &me

    Corgi &meHari Yang lalu


  81. Ross Rivero

    Ross RiveroHari Yang lalu

    Hey Nikkie i got an new challenge for you go to Robert Welsh he just challenged all makeup artist to do the my makeup in real life challenge 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻💄

  82. Isabella Loignon

    Isabella LoignonHari Yang lalu

    Agggghhhhhh bringing back memories of my late friend

  83. Keily Raggio

    Keily RaggioHari Yang lalu

    Would you say the palette is to die for

  84. Andy Lynn

    Andy LynnHari Yang lalu

    OMG‼️‼️😱 STUNNING‼️ The GRIJS shadows make you EYES 👀 POP‼️

  85. Mahak Kh

    Mahak KhHari Yang lalu


  86. Skylar Adele

    Skylar AdeleHari Yang lalu

    I love the colors.

  87. Sabrina Bennett

    Sabrina BennettHari Yang lalu

    People get cremated all the time 🤦‍♀️