DAY6 "Zombie" M/V

DAY6 "Zombie" M/V
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  1. lonelypanda 019

    lonelypanda 0192 jam yang lalu

    I’m sure this is what depression feels like

  2. saniipeachyy

    saniipeachyy3 jam yang lalu

    im obsessed with them now-

  3. saniipeachyy

    saniipeachyy3 jam yang lalu


  4. yy

    yy3 jam yang lalu

    Wow voice of the times. We need hope! Jesus give us hope🙏

  5. Karla Trejo

    Karla Trejo3 jam yang lalu

    I can't stop listening this song, it's so touching ㅠㅠ

  6. iheworld134

    iheworld1343 jam yang lalu

    Up up rising up day6

  7. Bintang Saraswati

    Bintang Saraswati3 jam yang lalu

    It's a good song but it's so underrated. "My day" please give your supports...fighting!

  8. KRISH

    KRISH3 jam yang lalu

    SUCH A BOP!!!! When i first listened to the Korean version, i was like "oh this is nice". Then I saw there's an English version and damn the lyrics all accurately represents me and my life. Hands-up to DAY6!

  9. Woekie

    Woekie3 jam yang lalu

    These lyrics perfectly describe how i feel in quarantine (also felt like that before but still). Absolutely love this song!

  10. Fairy Art

    Fairy Art4 jam yang lalu

    That’s it. I think this is officially my favorite kpop group. I fking love them and their music

  11. Romana Naqvi

    Romana Naqvi4 jam yang lalu

    "Kpop songs have no meanings" say some haters Just listen to this song The lyrics are about what it feels like to have depression

  12. Cooler Than You

    Cooler Than You4 jam yang lalu

    I can't understand why people hate such a masterpiece. Like,are they deaf or blind or something?

  13. Darryl De guzman

    Darryl De guzman4 jam yang lalu

    I'm new to day6 but i will support them :)

  14. Endah Bati Purnama

    Endah Bati Purnama4 jam yang lalu

    Okay it's random click link on Twitter and that's Zombie hahaha love it

  15. Loli saze

    Loli saze5 jam yang lalu

    Good song💗 from Army.

  16. yoghurt

    yoghurt5 jam yang lalu

  17. Roudhotul Fitria

    Roudhotul Fitria5 jam yang lalu

    Ohh my god, this song really got me. Not mention about their visual, looks like i need to change my plan to end the fangirl things.

  18. Agi Sajin

    Agi Sajin5 jam yang lalu

    Thanks to Seungmin and skz, I’m became a MyDay for about 4 months now yet i still don’t understand why they’re underrated

  19. Afiqah Pisah

    Afiqah Pisah5 jam yang lalu

    Beautiful song. I became a zombie as I keep palying this song

  20. Shakiba Abik

    Shakiba Abik5 jam yang lalu

    It's a nice meaningful song

  21. 4n93lic D3m0n

    4n93lic D3m0n5 jam yang lalu

    Stan day6 for better life

  22. lliill lliill

    lliill lliill6 jam yang lalu


  23. nsyhjtj bts

    nsyhjtj bts6 jam yang lalu

    The lyrics hit me so much. This is deep. The arrangement is soooooo good i love the end part ❤. THEY ARE SO TALENTED.

  24. Winde Smbr

    Winde Smbr6 jam yang lalu


  25. Tao Huang

    Tao Huang6 jam yang lalu

    I think im going to be a fan! Here.. what is the fandom name?

  26. 04Ammy04

    04Ammy046 jam yang lalu

    Fandom is My Day 1:07 Young K - Bassist, main vocals, main lyricist. 1:25 Jae -Guitar, main vocals, eldest member 2:15 Sungjin -Guitar, main vocals, leader 2:28 Wonpil- Keyboard and synth, main vocals 2:53 Dowoon- Drummer, maknae, minor vocals

  27. 빵꾸

    빵꾸7 jam yang lalu

    요즘 출퇴근 운전하면서 항상 듣고 있어요 ㅜㅠ 가사에 매우 매우 공감공감 ㅎㅎㅎ 흑흙😭 이 노래를 시작으로 다른 노래도 들어봤는데 ‘예뻣어’라는 곡도 좋아하게 되었네요❣️ 지치고 힘든일상에서 조금이나마 힐링입니다😭 감사하네요🙏

  28. 고지우

    고지우7 jam yang lalu

    활동을 못한다니 너무 아쉬워요.. 푹 쉬고 건강해져서 돌아와요..! 매번 노래가 너무 좋아서 감탄하고 위로받아요!! 고마워요!!! 오래오래 음악해주시고... 행복하세요..!!

  29. Karla Chávez

    Karla Chávez7 jam yang lalu

    I'm not a fan but I'm listening this song over and over again.

  30. Adella Musti

    Adella Musti7 jam yang lalu

    I think... this is my favourite song now

  31. Gray

    Gray7 jam yang lalu

    Never found a song which was so relatable

  32. Nayeon Santa Tell Me

    Nayeon Santa Tell Me7 jam yang lalu

    Good night DAY6 🌃🌌

  33. มิตร คงเจดีย์

    มิตร คงเจดีย์7 jam yang lalu


  34. Stacey Bliss

    Stacey Bliss7 jam yang lalu

    Not into korean songs but THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL. just saw the link from my friend and I clicked. I have no regrets tho.

  35. asy ash

    asy ash6 jam yang lalu

    I also love to listen to all of their English version so I can understand more and grab the feeling.

  36. 04Ammy04

    04Ammy046 jam yang lalu

    They have an English version too :)

  37. k. e.

    k. e.7 jam yang lalu

    i accidentally clicked on this song on spotify & i have no regrets... the lyrics spoke to me like no other song ever did. oh to be in my mid-20s & a slave to capitalism

  38. widay the explorer

    widay the explorer7 jam yang lalu

    just click this on the cb day, and im so into to them and found my bias suddenly, and now i've literally stan this epic band😍😍🙆‍♀️

  39. Firyaal Wirawan

    Firyaal Wirawan7 jam yang lalu


  40. HJ S

    HJ S7 jam yang lalu

    무슨일이니 나 첫소절 듣자마자 천국갔어

  41. Natasya Rolenta

    Natasya Rolenta8 jam yang lalu


  42. Maya

    Maya8 jam yang lalu

    bands in Korea are phenomenal and so, so underrated. Just watch ANY Superband performance and you’ll fall in love. Wishing everyone well!


    시몬GHOSTREID8 jam yang lalu

    Just realized that sungjin have to enlist next year :(

  44. WUVUWU

    WUVUWU8 jam yang lalu

    Stop sleeping on Day6, they're not beds.

  45. desy listya

    desy listya9 jam yang lalu

    i'm here because this song is often played by Denise of Secret Number.. it was also played when SN performed in idol radio.. is anyone same?

  46. jack jae

    jack jae9 jam yang lalu

    ชอบวงนี้มากๆอะ แบบเป็นวงดนตรีจริงๆเลยอะ ซึ่งฉันหลงรักเวลาพวกเขาเล่นเครื่องดนตรี❤️✨

  47. Bree

    Bree9 jam yang lalu

    dowoon best boy

  48. who is brian?!

    who is brian?!9 jam yang lalu

    Excited for the upcoming stage of our Kay Kay Young K...

  49. Laura Azzahra

    Laura Azzahra9 jam yang lalu

    I can relate with the song :( Yea even the song not eargasm

  50. Thida 890

    Thida 89010 jam yang lalu

    Me:*starts liking bts* Mom : don’t worry It’ll go away in 5weeks Me : * Discovers day 6 stray kid Ateez Astro TXT twice mamamoo Blackpink * mom it ain’t temporary

  51. HunHan 90

    HunHan 9010 jam yang lalu

    7M coming soon!!! Like if you will part of this

  52. ara bella

    ara bella10 jam yang lalu

    wtf?!??!?! THIS IS SO GOOD

  53. SpiderMark Lee

    SpiderMark Lee11 jam yang lalu

    This song made me stan day6 alongside Congratulations

  54. Demmian Black

    Demmian Black11 jam yang lalu

    Their vocals = awesome..

  55. Fetti Rianti

    Fetti Rianti11 jam yang lalu

    VOTE DAY6!!! MYDAY!!!

  56. Meetha833 No2

    Meetha833 No211 jam yang lalu

    Came here again... Thank you for this soothing beats and lyrics. I am so sad today.

  57. Nayeon Santa Tell Me

    Nayeon Santa Tell Me11 jam yang lalu

    Good evening DAY6 🌅

  58. LINO

    LINO12 jam yang lalu

    day6: yeah I became a zombie me: EAT ME THEN

  59. Shoko Boogie

    Shoko Boogie13 jam yang lalu

    the piano doesn't play at the very end... it seems as if tomorrow's gonna be the same. a great detail.

  60. noellel98 ws

    noellel98 ws13 jam yang lalu

    This song becomes better and better the more I listen to it. Now I'm so addicted to it. I've listened Beautiful and Congratulations and this is the third song of Day6 I listen in repeat.

  61. Life's a Beach

    Life's a Beach10 jam yang lalu

    @noellel98 ws Then after those, listen to every other song by Day6. Trust me, you won't be disappointed.

  62. noellel98 ws

    noellel98 ws12 jam yang lalu

    @Han Saeun thanks a lot for your recommendation ♡

  63. Han Saeun

    Han Saeun12 jam yang lalu

    Now listen to : 1. Sweet Chaos 2. I Wait 3. Time of our life 4. I'm Serious 5. Letting Go 6. Days Gone By 7. Dance Dance

  64. LadyAphrodite99 on ice

    LadyAphrodite99 on ice13 jam yang lalu

    This is what I was feeling in the past years til now... & prolly the days, weeks, months & years to come. There's this shallow emptiness that I can't shake off. I'm an Ahgase /IGOT7 who also loves & supports Day6, loves rock, kpop & a variety of music ^^

  65. Aisyah Aniryka

    Aisyah Aniryka13 jam yang lalu

    Every of day6 song can be use in anime series

  66. اسماء Myday

    اسماء Myday13 jam yang lalu


  67. Rafly Ian Saharani

    Rafly Ian Saharani13 jam yang lalu

    All this time.. im always got amazed by wonpils voice, like in you were beautiful, imo hes got the best voice, but damn.. in this song, Jaes voice is the one that match perfectly with music..

  68. Felix's Freckles

    Felix's Freckles14 jam yang lalu

    Loves of my life


    ERH XIN WEI14 jam yang lalu

    This song speaks truth and the sad reality of life. Thank you day6 for writing this, you guys are so talented but underrated........JYP should be thankful to have yall that produce actual GOOD music...... this song is a whole new level of facts , your music gives me strength.

  70. elkana ayu

    elkana ayu14 jam yang lalu

    Maafin ya mas zombie 🙏🏻aq puter mulu ,kalo cape bilang2 yaa

  71. Mesya Nur Fadilla

    Mesya Nur Fadilla13 jam yang lalu

    mas zombie nya malah kesenengan mbak🙏🏻

  72. Hafis Rizka

    Hafis Rizka14 jam yang lalu

    Semangat 6,7 yokk!

  73. MaMON MON

    MaMON MON14 jam yang lalu

    The fact that it's so relatable now hits different

  74. Rajath Antony

    Rajath Antony14 jam yang lalu

    This is the best song ever!! It shows what people are facing right now. I'm in love with this song!! This comment is coming from an IGOT7!!! Fighting Mydays !! We are here to support you guys!!

  75. Azeva Haqqi

    Azeva Haqqi15 jam yang lalu

    Does anyone still stream this mv? Yes, me

  76. Suni Kim

    Suni Kim15 jam yang lalu

    Day6 debería de tener más reconocimiento Todas sus canciones son obras de arte

  77. loco moco

    loco moco15 jam yang lalu

    K-pop? Move over.

  78. Daryna Piven

    Daryna Piven15 jam yang lalu

    As for me, the lines about tears are the most heartbroken lines of the past few years. Because crying makes the situation easier, but when nothing at all happens in your life (as in my case) you don't have any reasons to cry so you are living in your pain day after day. I don't think that someone anderstand what am I talking about from such bad written idea, but just appreciate the moment of sadness as much as the moment of happiness. By the way, the song is great

  79. mahalakshmik kumaresan

    mahalakshmik kumaresan15 jam yang lalu

    Wow ! Day6 you guys did a great job! I will support u guys !

  80. Jeon Takwa

    Jeon Takwa15 jam yang lalu

    تحفة شكلي رح صير فان ليهم

  81. hanan elrafiy

    hanan elrafiy16 jam yang lalu

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="201">3:21</a> WHO IS THIS AMAZINGG VOCALIST ALL OF THEM WERE AMAZINGGG UTS AMAZINGGGG

  82. asy ash

    asy ash15 jam yang lalu

    It's Jae.

  83. hanan elrafiy

    hanan elrafiy16 jam yang lalu


  84. hanan elrafiy

    hanan elrafiy16 jam yang lalu

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="80">1:20</a> who is that one

  85. moonchild

    moonchild14 jam yang lalu

    Jae! ^_^

  86. ry se

    ry se16 jam yang lalu

    don't you think it's insane how the world has made us feel ridiculous if we cry that we feel the need to ask permission to do so

  87. 하루

    하루16 jam yang lalu

    feel like this song describes my life

  88. HUGO

    HUGO16 jam yang lalu


  89. Harshini Mahasweta

    Harshini Mahasweta17 jam yang lalu

    this is such a such a positive comment section i love it sm i'm not really a myday (yet) but day6 are really lucky to have such positive, nice and welcoming fans... especially for this song and current issues, it just hits different seeing so much positivity